Canada hands over 100-year-old stolen statue of goddess Annapurna to India

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Varanasi, 21 November: An ancient idol of the goddess Annapurna, stolen 100 years ago from temple town of Uttar Pradesh, has been found in the McKenzie Art Gallery in Canada.

This stone statue in the art gallery is officially from 1936. Indian-origin artist Divya Mehra caught sight of this idol during World Heritage Week.

However, on her initiative, the legal process is being followed to bring this ancient idol to India in collaboration with the Government of India and the Government of Canada.

The Canadian government has handed over the statue to the High Commissioner of India.

There is also a discussion on social media about the disappearing idol a century ago. People believe that this hundred year old statue must have arrived in Canada secretly from an ancient city Kashi.

Mahant Rameshwar Puri of Annapurna Temple believes that there are many other temples of Annapurna Ji in the Kashi city. Out of these temples, this idol must have gone abroad. We do not know how it disappeared. We have also received information through the media.