Ban on export of Remdesivir injection amid surge in Covid-19 cases in India

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New Delhi, 11 April: In view of the rising of cases of Covid-19, the Central Government has prohibited the export of anti-viral drug Remdesivir injection and material useful in its manufacture. Due to the surge in cases of coronavirus, the demand for this injection useful for severe corona patients had increased all of sudden and black marketing was also started.

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued instructions to production companies, regulatory departments and state governments in this context. 

Remdesivir injection is considered to be somewhat effective in treating serious patients of Covid-19, but it is still under scientific research.

The government has asked all companies involved in the production of this injection to share information about the drug stock and its distributors online.

Also, drug inspectors have been asked to ensure that there is no black marketing. The Department of Pharmaceuticals is in touch with these companies to increase the production of the drug.

The government has asked the state governments to inform all government and private hospitals in this context and ensure their compliance.

The injection is being prepared in India under a voluntary license agreement of Indian companies with an American company. Currently 38.80 lakh units of injection are produced every month.