Yogi Govt to form ‘Sanskrit Directorate’ to promote Sanskrit language

Lucknow, 11 April: After the efforts of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Kashi, which is famous as ‘Devalok’ (Abode of God), will now also be known as Sanskrit city in the world. The Sanskrit Board will now take forward the efforts of Chief Minister Yogi for the expansion of Sanskrit language.

In order to expand Sanskrit language and give it a different identity, the Yogi Government of the state is going to form Sanskrit Directorate on the lines of Secondary and Basic Education soon. This was also announced by the Chief Minister in his budget. After the formation of Directorate, Sanskrit language will get a new identity.

Significantly, the most Sanskrit schools in the state are in Varanasi. It also has the highest number of students studying Sanskrit. More than 110 Sanskrit schools are being operated in Varanasi.

A government spokesperson said that Sanskrit’s two schools will become more involved in the new session. According to the officials, this time there is a preparation to recognize 13 new Sanskrit schools in the state. These schools have met their prescribed standards. Two more new schools will be opened in Kashi. Meanwhile, Jaunpur, 55 km away from Varanasi, has the highest number of Sanskrit schools after Kashi.

For the first time in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took the initiative to issue press releases in Sanskrit. Together, he has also tweeted in Sanskrit with his official Twitter account. After the initiative of CM, Sanskrit Board has also started the work of promoting Sanskrit language in the state.

A total of 1164 Sanskrit schools are being run by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Sanskrit Education Council. Out of this, 971 schools are subsidized while 2 are Sanskrit language state schools. Among them, more than 97 thousand students are studying.

In the new session, 13 schools will be added to these. In order to connect Sanskrit schools with modern education, these are being taught from NCERT books to students from class 6 to 12 along with computer education.

Not only this, the Yogi government has also decided to provide free food and hostel facilities to more than four thousand students of Sanskrit schools of more than 200 Gurukul system of the state.

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