As India develops first Covid-19 vaccine, PM Modi directs officials to prepare detailed plan for vaccination

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New Delhi, June 30: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a high-level meeting on Tuesday regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

During this, the Prime Minister directed the officials to prepare a detailed plan for vaccination, highlighting India’s responsibility and commitment to play an enabling role in the global vaccination efforts against Covid-19.

Many prominent officials and scientists of the country attended Prime Minister Modi’s meeting.

For this vaccine, with the help of the Government of India, it is being made and research is going on.

Recently, the Prime Minister had also allotted some funds from Prime Ministerโ€™s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Funds (PM CARES Fund) for this research.

In this meeting, the Prime Minister asked the officials to make vaccines on time by resorting to technology. Apart from this, prepare for how a large number of vaccines will be made.

Significantly, the first vaccine of Covid-19 has been prepared in India. It is made by Bharat Biotech. This vaccine has also been allowed to try on humans.