Anti-Terrorist Squad reaches Ayodhya at Kartik fair, input of terrorist threat in Ayodhya

ATS commandos along with local police and para-military forces have been deployed sensing terrorist threat in Ayodhya

Lucknow, 06 November: Security agencies and police have been alerted by the input of terrorist threat at Karthik Mela. Security has been increased throughout the state. The Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrived in Ayodhya for the support of the police. ATS commandos with paramilitary forces have been deployed at some places there. The police are in constant touch with the responsible ATS officials.

Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya dispute is about to come. Hence, there is already a stir in Ayodhya about this. Along with this, after the intelligence alert, the police and district administrations have become alert in the entire state.

The celebration of Kartik fair has started in Ayodhya with the beginning of 14 Kosi Parikrama from Tuesday. Central intelligence agencies have camped with the state agencies here. The sign of seven terrorists entering India via Nepal became public on Tuesday. Ayodhya is already on the target of terrorists. CO Ayodhya says that ATS commandos have been deployed. They have been given separate deployment.

CCTVs have been installed along with drones to monitor the rumor in Ayodhya. Apart from this, police are conducting intensive search operations at railway stations. Phone numbers of police officers have already been written to more than 18 thousand places in Ayodhya. Police are collecting information from common people with the help of social media.

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