Amit Shah praises CM Yogi on law and order

Lucknow, August 01: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday praised Union Home Minister Amit Shah through a welcome speech at the foundation stone laying ceremony of “Uttar Pradesh State Institute of Forensic Sciences” in the state.

He said that this piece of land was earlier occupied by a mafia, which the government has taken back from it. Earlier there used to be riots in UP, today the rule of law is established.

Chief Minister Yogi said that the Union Home Minister had suggested the formation of “Uttar Pradesh State Institute of Forensic Sciences” in view of the changing trend of crime. It is only with the guidance and inspiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister that the UP government has moved forward with full commitment for the formation of this new institute.

Chief Minister Yogi said that now the Uttar Pradesh Police is seen working afresh. He said that today the foundation stone of Uttar Pradesh “UP State Institute of Forensic Sciences” costing Rs. Its objective is to create a new army of outstanding scientists, adopting high-end technology.

He said that the Union Home Minister is the inspiration for the changes that have taken place in the state during the last four and a half years. In the year 2014, as the UP BJP in-charge and in 2017 as the national president, he had provided his leadership by boosting the morale of the workers.

In his remarks, the Chief Minister said that in the course of transformational development in the state, not only law and order has to be maintained, but also the availability of highly trained scientists to prevent crimes, bring punishment to the perpetrators and use modern scientific techniques.  

Yogi said that the professional mafia who used to defy the law on the encouragement of the previous governments, today fear of law prevails among them. The UP government has seized illegal assets worth about Rs 1584 crore from these mafia and gangsters.

“Now the rule of law in UP”: Chief Minister Yogi

He said that now there is a fear-free environment for common citizens, sisters and daughters in the state. Earlier there was a feeling of insecurity among women. It was the intention of the Prime Minister that there should be rule of law in Uttar Pradesh. The Union Home Minister had assured the people of the state in 2014 and 2017. Uttar Pradesh was considered to be the state of riots, the law and order was in bad shape here. A mafia of Lucknow was going to do plotting on 142 acres of land at the place where the foundation stone of “UP State Institute of Forensic Sciences” was laid today.

CM Yogi assured the Prime Minister and the Home Minister that now there is rule of law in UP. Uttar Pradesh is providing a new support to the country’s economy. This is also a new beginning.

It is worth mentioning that in this institute B.Sc., M.Sc. Forensic Science with Specialization, M.Phil, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Research and P.G. Diploma in Forensic Science, Advance Specialization and Tailor Made P.G. It is proposed to conduct diploma and various certificate courses. 500 students will take education in the institute. The institute will be set up in 50 acres of land. An amount of Rs 207 crore has been approved for its establishment.

These are the main objectives of “Uttar Pradesh State Institute of Forensic Sciences”

A spokesperson of the state government said that the main objective of “Uttar Pradesh State Institute of Forensic Sciences” is to create a pool of trained manpower in the field of forensics, to train the judiciary and police personnel, to generate expertise in advanced technologies required in the investigation of crime.

According to the spokesperson, there will be a total of 08 sections and 14 laboratories in the institute. The Physics section will have Firearms, Forensic Acoustics and Documentation Laboratory whereas Explosives and Toxicology Laboratory under Chemistry Section and Life Sciences, Serology and DNA in Biology Section. There will be a laboratory. Data analysis, cyber security and cyber forensic labs will be created in the computer science section. Lie detection, narco analysis and brain mapping laboratories are proposed under the behavioral science section. In addition, there will also be Criminology, Law and Order, Police Science and Administration sections.

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah praised Yogi Adityanath

After the Chief Minister’s speech, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah praised Yogi Adityanath. Union Home Minister Shah said that you and your team have brought the law and order of Uttar Pradesh to the top in the country.

He said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh has got the first place in the country in 44 schemes; it is a matter of pride for us. Uttar Pradesh has done a great job in every field.

The Union Home Minister said that the Uttar Pradesh government has done a great job during both the waves of Corona. The way the BJP governments under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi are working for the public interest, Uttar Pradesh is at the forefront.

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