A young farmer of Eastern UP trying hand at Saffron farming

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Lucknow / Ghazipur, 08 January: A young farmer of Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh, who is determined to do something new, has planted Kashmiri saffron as an experiment this year.

However, the plant has reached its youth. Flowers are coming in it now. If all goes well, it is ready to do large scale farming till next year.

Not only this, young farmer Pankaj Raj cultivates cucumber, cucumber etc. in village using organic method and who has been doing this kind of farming for two years, is very happy.

The young farmer said that he was impressed to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath repeatedly doubling the income of farmers and decided to move forward on their own.

Till two years ago, he continued to do traditional farming but from that he could not progress beyond his livelihood. On the idea of ​​new farming, Pali House was built in 25 hundred square. Thinking about organic farming, he moved towards it. After this, vegetable plants are also given in the whole area. People carry it away from the field.

The Saffron plants have been brought from Pulwama

He said that after the idea of ​​cultivating saffron came, he visited to Pulwama to understand and witness the saffron farming being done by the farmers there. After this, he brought four hundred saplings from there.

Rai further added that he bought for four thousand rupees per plant per hundred rupees. It was put on video in the month of November. Now the plant is ready. Flowers are on the way.

He told that in Pulwama, it has been told that 10 grams of saffron have been reported in 20 flowers.

He informed that this year it has been implemented experimentally. If all goes well, we will increase its cultivation next year.

For the first time, the farmer of Mathura district planted saffron, benefited a lot

It is noteworthy that in UP, the farmer had cultivated Kashmiri saffron from last year in Mahuan of Farah area of ​​Mathura in western UP, which yielded a good result and gave a lot of benefit but saffron was never cultivated anywhere in eastern UP. This in itself is a new experiment of a new type of farming.

Fresh water is needed

According to experts, it is necessary to have sweet water for its cultivation. In a bigha, the price of ninety rupees comes from irrigation and weeding-till to bringing the crop home. It has to be irrigated five to six times. There is a possibility of having 15 to 17 kg saffron in a bigha. At the rate of seventy thousand rupees per kg, it is easily sold in the market. Saffron is used in many other physical problems in the country, from medicines. It is also being used in sweets etc. for food.