25,000 Remdesivir injections to be available by Tuesday evening in UP

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25 thousand Remdesivir Injection will be available by Tuesday evening.

The state government is in constant contact with the major drug manufacturing companies.

Lucknow, 19 April: Antiviral drug Remdesivir injection, which is considered to be an effective in Covid-19 treatment, will no longer have any shortage across the state. Chief Minister Yogi himself is monitoring the availability of oxygen and Remdesivir injection while in isolation after tested positive for Covid-19.

Additional Chief Secretary Information Navneet Sehgal said that by Tuesday evening, about 25 thousand Remdesivir vials will be supplied by Jubilant Pharma. Not only this, within the next two to three days, the availability of one million three hundred Remdesivir injecions is going to be done in the state.

CM Yogi, while meeting with Team-11 on Monday, reviewed the availability antiviral injection and oxygen cylinders. It was reported that demand for 2, 75,000 Remdesivir has been sent to producer companies like Jubilant Pharma, Cadila, Myelin and Cipla. Cadila and Cipla will supply the maximum of one lakh voiles, while Mylene has to supply 25000 and Jubilant 50,000.

On the orders of the CM, Additional Chief Secretary MSME Navneet Sehgal is in direct contact with the pharmaceutical companies.

He informed that this supply will be ensured within the next two to three days. CM Yogi has given clear instructions that they should be distributed in a transparent manner. Communicate with all suppliers and send demand keeping in mind the needs of the state.

Maintain contact with home isolation patients

Chief Minister Yogi has also given instructions to maintain constant contact with patients treated in home isolation and half the number of 108 ambulances to be dedicated for Covid only. Special efforts should be made to minimize the response time of the ambulance. CM has entrusted this responsibility to Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh.

The Chief Minister has directed the Home Department to strictly enforce mandatory use of masks throughout the state. For the first time, a fine of Rs 1,000 is to be imposed without a mask and a fine of Rs 10,000 for a second time without a mask. Make the photos of those who pay a fine of Rs 10,000 public which increased awareness among people about wearing masks.

He also said that with a view to keeping the spread of infection to a minimum, it is very important that the provisions of the Containment Zone be strictly implemented. Along with this, the Quarantine Centres should be kept functioning effectively in all the districts. In the quarantine centres, there should be a system of screening and screening of people, as well as lodging and food etc. by following social distancing.