KASHMIR, 22 December: Deen Imran Anantnag Sinthan Top of Anantnag is Located at an altitude of about 13000 feet above sea level, Santhan Top is situated on the peaks of Peer Panchal hills. At this point, the boundary of the Kashmir province ends and the Jammu region begins. Part of Sinthan Top falls within the boundaries of the Kishtwar district of Jammu province. While part of it flows into the Kashmir Valley,

An alternative road connecting Jammu province with Kashmir passes through it, called the Kishtwar Sinthan Road. The said link road connects Anantnag district with Kishtwar. It is a small road, but being a mountain road, the said road was open only for a few months in a year after a heavy snowfall, as a result of which the people of Kishtwar faced many hardships in winter

However, this year NHIDCL submitted a proposal to the central government, which said that the Anantnag-Kishtwar link road would be kept open for traffic even in harsh winter, though the government NHIDCL’s proposal was finally approved a few days ago, following which the tendering process was initiated, which has been awarded to a private company, Eimsim Baba Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd,

Eimsim Baba Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd and NHIDCL have been operating on the said for the past several days, which finally ended after several days, after which people in passenger vehicles plying on the road were very happy

Passengers say that the said road used to be blocked for traffic during the months of October or November due to heavy snow, due to which they had to go from Butot and during that time they had to make several journeys to reach other places. Days used to pass, he said, if any sick person had to be taken to a hospital in GMC Anantnag or Srinagar, they could not reach in time, while many lives were lost in the meantime, he said.

Welcoming the decision of the government, he said that this year he was very happy that the said road was open, and he expressed hope that the problems of the people could be solved by the road being open.

Irshad Ahmed Khan, project manager of Eimsim Baba Infrastructure Private Limited, who is working on the said road, says that he has been carrying out snow removal work since the first week of this month. He said that we have the manpower. Besides, they have procured modern machinery from other countries of the world, which are ready day and night to face any challenge, he assured the correspondent that they would not trouble any passenger. won’t let it happen,

He said that we are monitoring the said road which is about 92 kilometres, while after every three kilometres of the road, during any emergency, they have kept their machinery ready to deal with any disaster. They have requested the administration to provide them with satellite phones so that every life and property can be protected in the future. Due to this, the project manager of the company has demanded a satellite phone from the management immediately.

NHIDCL General Manager RN Sharma says that they have taken an important step this year to provide relief to the people. Roads used to be closed, but this year we have made history with the support of the government. They say that for the people of Kishtwar, it is no less than a dream for the people of Kishtwar to walk from Sinthan road in today’s weather because they have faced many difficulties in the past.

Before travelling on the said road, consult your respective district administration, and follow the guidelines given by the concerned department, and if the weather is unfavourable, avoid travelling on the said road, so that no mishaps occur later said NHIDCL General Manager R N Sharma.