Yogi Government ends system of paying income tax for ministers from the government treasury

Yogi Government ends

Lucknow, Sept.24 : Yogi Adityanath Government of Uttar Pradesh ended the 38-year-old system of paying income tax of the salaries of the Chief Minister and ministers from the government treasury from Tuesday. Now ministers from CM will have to pay income tax from themselves. The proposal was approved in a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at Lok Bhavan in Lucknow on Tuesday.

Actually, till now the Finance Department had been paying the income tax payable on the salaries of the Chief Minister and the ministers from the Government Treasury. This system has been in force since 1981 in UP

In fact, till now, the ministers of the state government were exempted from paying income tax on the salary received as a minister under the UP Ministerial (Salary, Allowance and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1981.

After assuming the responsibility of Finance Minister, Suresh Khanna had discussed in the department to stop wasteful expenditure. The government took an initiative to end this system.

UP government was paying income tax from October 3, 1981. The VP Singh government of Congress implemented the system. When this system was implemented in 1981, the government had made arrangements to pay income tax from the state exchequer citing the poverty and financial condition of the legislators. In those days, MLAs were considered examples of simplicity. Since then, there has been a big change in the spirit of legislators and ministers.

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