Wuhan virus: 14 more test positive for Covid-19 in Lucknow

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Lucknow, 13 May: The process of coming up of cases of coronavirus positive patients in Kaiserbagh, the biggest hotspot in Lucknow, has not stopped, according to the district administration, 13 more new cases have been reported here on Wednesday.

In the district of Lucknow on Wednesday, 13 patients are from Kaiserbagh area and one from Sadar area in a total of 14 new positive cases of Covid-19 have been surfaced.

As the number of positive cases are spiking rapidly in the Kaiserbagh area, the district administration is seen worried about the development. District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash himself is supervising this area, along with the district administration. In addition, ADM Amarpal and ADM Ram Arj have also been deployed for inspection.

According to information received by the district administration, the total corona positive cases in Lucknow have stood at 275 in which both Kaiserbagh and Sadar are susceptible areas.

However, the total number of infections detected in the state stood at 3770.