Work hard, attempt something new: Yogi to mayors

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Lucknow, 23 May: On Tuesday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath welcomed the newly elected Mayors and asked them to strive towards making municipal corporations self-sufficient, in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of a “self-sufficient India.”

Seven mayors visited Yogi at his official residence, where the CM instructed the mayors to solve their areas’ problems efficiently with the help of public representatives, as well as to take steps to increase the income of their individual municipal corporations. He also encouraged them to improve their performance and attempt something new.

“The only way to achieve success is through development. So, via progress, bring about change. There is no shortage of funds for development. Prioritise development projects in each ward and assure work standards and quality. Use CSR funds to improve public works,” Yogi said.

The Chief Minister further urged that all 17 municipal corporations be made secure and smart. The CM instructed the mayors to devote special attention to the cleaning and maintenance of urban toilets. He also urged them to construct a convention center for the common man, which would not only benefit individuals but also increase corporation profits.

CM Yogi proposed tax changes and enabled tax deposits for the common man through technology, emphasizing the need to increase municipal corporation income and make them self-sufficient. “People should be made aware of the importance of paying taxes. Online services should be available. Multi-level parking lots can help municipal corporations increase their revenue while also providing people with convenience,” he said.

Yogi has voiced worry over the prevalence of illegal taxi stands and asked Mayors to find and remove such taxi stands in metropolitan areas. He also instructed them to make other arrangements for taxi stands so that passengers are not inconvenienced. In addition, the CM provided orders for the implementation of an Integrated Traffic Management System at all key junctions.

Bihari Lal of Jhansi, Prashant Singhal of Aligarh, Harikant Ahluwalia of Meerut, Archana Verma of Shahjahanpur, Vinod Agarwal of Mathura, Sunita Dayal of Ghaziabad, and Hemlata Diwakar of Agra were among the mayors who met the CM.