West Bengal’s NEP mandates students learn 3 languages in classes 5-8

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Kolkata, 08 August: he new West Bengal State Education Policy, framed for government and government-aided schools, makes the three-language formula compulsory including Bengali for the upper-primary level.

Students of classes 5 to 8 would have to take three languages out of which the third one could be regional one or a foreign language.

”The third language could be a local or regional language as well as a foreign language, but priority must be given to Bengali, Sanskrit or Hindi. The main idea is to teach Bengali to youngsters in West Bengal,” said an official of West Bengal Education Department on Tuesday.

Elaborating on the policy, the bureaucrat said that the policy has decided to adhere to the existing divisions in the education level – four years each of primary and upper primary and two years of secondary and another two years of higher secondary education.

Talking more about the policy, the official said, it would start a semester system from classes 8 to 12 and it would be introduced in phases over three years” time.