VHM engages in protection of Hindus present in 160 nations

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Mirzapur, 25 June: A meeting of Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh was held under the leadership of Subodh, in-charge of Kashi division, at Mangarhan in Sikhad block on Sunday. In this, the Hindu society was inspired to stay united and protect its religion.

National convenor and Mahant Mukesh Maharaj of Gorakshpeeth said that Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh is today working to protect and organize Hindus in 160 countries of the world.

Together we will make Uttar Pradesh Uttam Pradesh by strengthening the shoulders of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

During this, National Secretary Rakesh Singh, National Organization Minister Acharya Santosh Dubey etc. were present.