Varanasi police arrest an employee of head post office in connection with embezzlement of crores

Varanasi, 13 October :An accused employee of head post office at Cantonment area of Varanasi city was arrested by the police in connection with an embezzlement of about ten crore rupees from the account of consumers. Arrested assistant postmaster Bechan Ram, son of Sant Ram is a resident of Didarganj area in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh was presented before media on Sunday at the Cantt police station.

Inspector-in-charge Ashwini Kumar Chaturvedi said that the Assistant Assistant Postmaster was posted at the Head Post Office from the year 2013 to 2018. During this, Bechana Ram became the best of friends after meeting Sunil, Vinay, Pradeep, Rajesh, Ramashankar, Avinash etc. All got involved in planning to get rich and started withdrawing money from account holders. Accused Assistant Postmaster told that my signature and permission used to be mandatory in the clearance of more than five thousand rupees in the post office. In such a situation, with 600 to 700 consumers, the money of the employees who were present in the post office, we blew about ten crore rupees from different accounts. Account holders were not aware of this for a long time. As soon as the case was exposed, 16 cases were registered at the police station. After this I fled. Today, the police arrested him when he was coming to meet his lawyer. According to the station in-charge, seven accused are still absconding. He will also be arrested soon.

Last August, after the information about embezzlement of about ten crore rupees one by one from the account of the consumers in the head post office, the crowd of account holders started popping up in the post office and cant station. As people kept getting information about the disappearance of money from their accounts, people continued to get upset at the cant station. In the month of August itself, 40 victims were account holders in this case. Post office officials said that all the embezzlement was done by the field agent. Four employees were suspended after the case caught on.

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