(Update) Prime Minister Modi says on the No-Confidence Motion, bring it again in 2028, till then the country will be the 3rd largest economy

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New Delhi, 10 August: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the opposition on several issues while replying to the discussion on the no-confidence motion in the House.

He mocked the opposition for bringing a no-confidence motion without preparation and said that in 2028 he would once again get an opportunity to bring a no-confidence motion when India would be the world’s third largest economy.

He said that the fielding may have been done by the opposition but the ruling party is hitting fours and sixes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that there is mistrust and arrogance in the opposition and they are denying the truth that the world is seeing today.

Describing the opposition’s detailed motion of confidence as a divine wish, he considered it auspicious and said that with this, the NDA will once again win a big victory and form the government again in 2024. The last time the opposition brought a no-confidence motion in 2018. He was given 5 years to prepare the opposition. But it is regrettable that in 9 years the opposition has not been able to play the role of a worthy opposition.

During the Prime Minister’s speech, the opposition created a ruckus, demanding to speak on the subject of Manipur, and left the house before the end of the speech.

Launching a scathing attack on revelry politics, the Prime Minister said that development projects are being stopped by putting a burden on the public with meaningless promises. He said that his economic policies are guaranteed to make India bankrupt.

The Prime Minister said that in this way the opposition is giving a guarantee of sinking the economy, double digit inflation, policy paralysis, corruption, appeasement nepotism, unemployment, terrorism, violence and taking the country back two centuries.

He said that today’s India neither comes under pressure nor exerts pressure. India will be a developed nation by 2047. We should not use this period for politics. We should understand the pain and work to become the medicine for the pain.

The Prime Minister said that the Northeast is a piece of our heart. The more politics is kept away from it, the more peace will come there. The development of ASEAN and other Eastern countries will one day make the North East a focal point in the coming times.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition is not hungry for the poor but hungry for power and they are not worried about the youth but about their future. Many important bills were brought in the house, the opposition did not discuss them, but under the condition of a staunchly corrupt partner (Kejriwal), they unitedly ran the house.

The Prime Minister said that his government has worked to improve the reputation of the country. Today the world’s faith in India is increasing. Extreme poverty is disappearing from the country. World organizations are saying that 4 lakh lives have been saved by the Jal Jeevan Mission and 3 lakh lives by the Swachh Bharat Mission, but the opposition does not see this.

He said that the opposition has got a boon that the one whom they wish bad, gets good.

He said negative things on banking, today the profit of public sector banks has doubled. Tried to instigate the employees of HAL, a public sector defense production company, but today its revenue has increased manifold. Same is the case with LIC.

Targeting the Congress party, the Prime Minister said that both its election symbol and name have been taken from others. Along with this, attacking the opposition alliance being formed under his leadership, the Prime Minister said that labels can be changed but old sins cannot be hidden from the public.

Justifying Rahul Gandhi’s statement that Hanuman did not burn Lanka, he said that Janata is Ram and he has reduced Congress from 400 to 40.

He said that the Congress family is like modern kings and they find it difficult to see the son of the country’s poor sitting in power. He said that Congress people are Naamdars and we are working people.

He said that the launching of one person (Rahul Gandhi) fails again and again, that’s why he hates the public. Those who have never grown radish in a pot are surprised to see the fields. Those who look at poverty by looking down the glass of the car should know that they have ruled India for 50 years.

Expressing grief over Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Maa Bharti, the Prime Minister said that it has hurt the sentiments of every Indian. How can anyone wish for the death of Mother India. During his reign the country was divided into three parts. The Vande Bharat song that united the country was torn to pieces. On March 05, 1966, bombs were dropped on common citizens in Mizoram. Akal Takht was attacked.

He asked under whose government the Kachchatheevu island was handed over to Sri Lanka. His ally DMK still demands his withdrawal.

Referring to the issue of Manipur, the Prime Minister said that if the opposition wanted, it could have been discussed in detail. But the opposition had neither the courage nor the intention to discuss it. The decision of the High Court came. On this, the circumstances have arisen due to the pros and cons. A round of violence ensued. Many families are facing difficulties but he is hopeful that the sun of peace will rise in the near future as he appeals for peace in Manipur along with the nation. together we will find a solution and Manipur will again move forward in the path of development and no stone will be left unturned by the government.