UP: Yogi sets target for 100% vaccination for people above 18 by Dec 15

Lucknow, 29 October: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday directed to ramp up the pace of inoculation in Uttar Pradesh.

He told the officials that by December 15, people above the age of 18 should be vaccinated 100%.

In the midst of rising corona cases in other countries once again, the state government, determined to provide vaccine shield to the people of the state, is going to speed up the process of vaccination of the people as soon as possible. Uttar Pradesh has set the record for the highest number of vaccinations so far as compared to other states of the country.

So far over 13 crore people have been vaccinated in UP. UP is the state with the highest number of vaccinations as compared to other states in the country.

A spokesman informed that the second wave of corona infection in Uttar Pradesh with a population of 24 crores is completely under control, whose testimony is showing decreasing day by day. The number of corona active cases in the state is now less than 100.

“In the last 24 hours, the number of active cases is 98, while not a single active case has been confirmed in 40 districts. In more than 01 lakh 80 thousand tests in 24 hours, 08 newly admitted patients were confirmed in 07 districts of UP, while 12 patients have defeated Corona during this period. So far, 16 lakh 87 thousand 135 residents of the state have defeated the corona infection,” he said.

Cluster Model 2.0 will be launched in UP from November 1

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister, the State Government is gearing up to restart Cluster Model 2.0 from November 1 to achieve the target of vaccination. In the state, giving preference to second dose vaccination, 100% vaccination will be done.

The work of giving the second dose will be done under the cluster model in the villages, localities where the first dose was successfully done through the cluster model. In order to achieve the target of both the doses of vaccination, now special attention will be given to rural areas.

A cluster model action plan will be prepared by the Health Department at the block level with the help of participating organizations (WHO, UNICEF and others), giving priority to the villages.

False claims of Maharashtra, UP making record

According to the official spokesperson, other states of the country are far behind in vaccination than Uttar Pradesh with a population of 24 crores. In other states including West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, where vaccination is going on at a slow pace despite having less population, UP is continuously making records.

He said that till now 09 crore 74 lakh vaccinations have been done in Maharashtra, which has half the population of UP, in which 06 crore 67 have been given the first dose, 03 crore have been given the second dose.

Apart from this, UP is far ahead than Maharashtra in vaccination. On the one hand, the Maharashtra government had to delete its tweet on social media after the false claim made about the second dose of vaccination, while the Yogi government in UP is fulfilling the resolve of what it said.

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