UP ranks 1st in taking action against criminals

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Lucknow, 20 August: Regarding some recent criminal incidents in the state, the opposition may be questioning about deteriorating law and order situation, however, according to the statistics, crime in Uttar Pradesh is at the lowest level due to the Yogi government’s zero tolerance policy against crime and corruption.

The decline in crime continues during the tenure of the state government. Uttar Pradesh tops the country in taking action against criminals.

74.50 percent drop in robbery cases relative to 2016

According to the comparative data of crimes committed in the last 9 years in the state, a significant decline has been recorded in the tenure of the present government. In cases of robbery, there has been a decline of 74.50 percent in the year 2020 and 74.67 percent in the year 2020 relative to 2012.

2,346 cases registered under Gangster Act

Similarly, under the registered prosecutions of Gunda Act and National Security Act (NSA), taking effective action during the tenure of the present government, 12,149 cases in the year 2012, 13,615 cases were registered in the year 2016, while 17,908 cases have been registered under it so far in the year 2020.

Under the Gangster Act, 1,313 cases were registered in 2012, 1,716 in 2016 and 2,346 in 2020. Under the National Security Act, 44 cases have been registered in 2012, 82 in 2016 and 112 in 2020.

UP’s 31st position in robbery cases

According to Crime in India-2018, a total of 31, 32,954 crimes were registered under various sections of IPC in India, of which 3, 42,355 crimes occurred in Uttar Pradesh. It is 10.92 percent of such registered crimes in the country, while the population of Uttar Pradesh is 16.85 percent by population.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)’s statutory data, Uttar Pradesh ranked 31st with a crime rate of 0.1 per cent in decoity cases under various crimes occurring in the country’s 37 states and union territories in the year 2018 and ranked 20th in cases of robbery with 1.4 percent crime rate.

Similarly in rape cases, it was 14th with a crime rate of 11.8 per cent and 23rd in The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act cases with a 6.1 per cent crime rate.

The state was ranked 15th in female crime. Thus Uttar Pradesh was ranked 24th in various offenses under IPC. This shows that Uttar Pradesh is in a crime controlled state as compared to other states and union territories of the country.

UP at second place with 4.14 lakh arrests

Along with this, in the second place with 4,14,112 arrests in the offenses of the Indian Penal Code, 4 of the accused arrested in the offenses of the Indian Penal Code and Special and Local Laws (SLL), in the second place with conviction of 1,44,274 of the arrested accused.

Similarly, second place with conviction of 02,801 and out of the accused arrested in offenses of SLL, third place with conviction of 2, 58,527. The state ranks 6th with a recovery of assets worth Rs 94.1 crore.

UP first place in the country on action in crimes related to women

In the action taken against criminals, Uttar Pradesh occupies the leading position relative to other states and union territories.

According to the NCRB’s 2018 statutory statistics, Uttar Pradesh ranks first in the country with action on 21,146 convictions for crimes related to women. 445 convictions in cyber crimes have been ranked first, with 34,105 weapons confiscation and first place in fake currency seizure with 237 crimes registered.