UP: Over 16,500 patients win battle against Covid-19 in last 24 hrs

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Lucknow, 22 April: Uttar Pradesh is consistently performing well in the battle against Covid-19. The number of people who get well from coronavirus infection is increasing every day. In the last 24 hours, over 16,500 people in the state have been cured from Covid-19. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed relief by saying that ‘it is very pleasant. People should maintain patience and restraint.

On Thursday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told Team-11 constituted for Covid-19 management that the death of a single person is tragic; it is a loss of the state. The relatives of Covid infected patients should be treated sensitively with due respect. Perform the last rites with full respect by following the Covid protocol.

It was informed that the need for oxygen concentrator has been expressed from some districts of the state. The Health Department has made oxygen concentrators available to the concerned districts today.

The state government is committed to provide proper medical care to every citizen. All the people should strictly follow the Covid rules while maintaining patience and restraint.

Officials said that with the cooperation of the Government of India, the state will receive one and a quarter million vials of Remdesivir injection as soon as possible. With this, the supply of antiviral drug across the state will be further arranged.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies are also being continuously supplied. The situation is normal in the state regarding Remdesivir.

The CM said that the Drug Administration and Health Department should ensure a balance between the demand and supply of all life saving drugs. Stringent action should be taken against black marketing and hoarding of these essential life-saving medicines.

He said that in this time of disaster, there is a need to work with coordination, so, drug inspectors should work in accordance with the instructions of the concerned District Magistrates (DMs). The control room set up by the Food and Drug Administration Department was operational 24 ร— 7.

โ€œEvery activity of availability, demand and supply of oxygen etc. should be monitored continuously. Food and Drug Administration Department and Home Department should work in coordination with all these functions,โ€ Yogi added.

He informed that in line with the increasing demand, all necessary efforts are being made by the state government to increase oxygen supply. Currently the situation is fully controlled. The condition of all small and big hospitals should be monitored 24 ร— 7. There is also no shortage of tankers and cylinders for the supply of liquid oxygen. Nevertheless, in view of the changing circumstances, the arrangement of additional tankers and cylinders should be ensured immediately.

He said that complete transparency should be maintained in the allocation of beds to Covid patients. The role of Integrated Control and Command Center (ICCC) is very important in this. Also ensure smooth operation of ambulance services. Testing, tracing and treatment play an important role in the battle of Covid. Therefore it is necessary that all government and private labs do the Covid test at full capacity. Quality control must be taken care of in testing.

Yogi directed that the Transport and Home Departments should work by establishing mutual coordination to ensure the migrant workers and workers coming from different states to their destination safely. Asymptomatic migrant workers should be quarantined for a minimum period of seven days. In case of unwell, good medical care should be provided.