UP: Only 0.74 percent of rickshaw pullers, auto drivers found infected with Covid-19 in focus testing

Lucknow, 29 November: The Uttar Pradesh Government was relieved by the results of ‘Focus Surveillance’ of various groups aimed at knowing the level of coronavirus infection in the state.

However, infection was found to be controlled and a very small percentage of people were found to be positive.

Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad said on Sunday that the results of ‘focus-testing’ done during festivals have now come to the fore. It has been revealed that those who could have spread the infection on a wide scale have been successful in isolating it in time. The result of this is that the expansion of the infection was controlled in its territory.

According to the Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health, out of 55,741 samples of rickshaw- pullers, three-wheeler drivers, only 413 were detected positive ie only 0.74 percent were found infected.

“Similarly, 53,916 samples were taken in focus sampling of salon owners; those applied the mehndi on the occasion of the Karva Chauth, out of which 422 people got positive, which is only 0.78 percent,” Prasad apprised.

ACS health further informed that apart from this, 2,172 people were found infected out of samples of 1, 19,145 people visiting the sweet shops. Samples of 60,702 people were taken in various restaurants, of which 416 were found infected, which is 0.69 percent.

He told that similarly, Covid-19 sampling was done by going to religious places and out of 1,14976 samples, 2,438 people were found infected. The infection was confirmed in 1,025 out of 1, 16,054 samples of staff and security personnel of various shopping malls.

Prasad added further, apart from this, some other groups were also tested with corona samples, their results will be revealed on Monday.

He said that under the focus testing campaign going on at the moment, weekly markets, hot etc. are felt in the village on Sunday and Monday. This shows the level of infection, but also increases awareness among people. During the focus testing, when the team of Health Department goes among the people, the people living with them and coming in contact also understand that the infection is still not over, the infection is going on. Therefore, there is still a need to be equally careful.

He said that the focus testing campaign is going on till November 30.

Officer informed that after this, a new campaign will be launched from December 01 to 07. In this, instructions are being issued to the districts that in the last 15 days, they should map the cases of infection there on their own district map. So that it can be found out from which areas of the city more infections are coming and a cluster is being formed.

After this, where there have been more cases in those areas, more samples will be taken and investigated through Focus Surveillance. Most of these samples will be subjected to RTPCR testing to detect the infection as soon as possible and isolate the infected person and break the chain of infection, ACS, Health told.

He said that a second wave of corona has occurred in many countries of the world. Similar situation has been observed in many states of our country, where too many cases are coming again. The same situation prevails in the neighbouring province of Delhi. In view of this, all these efforts are being made so that the infection in the state remains under control.

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