UP is in massive power crisis, with 2000 mw deficiency during peak hours, says power officials

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Lucknow, 21 Aug: With a peak-hour power shortfall of roughly 2000 megawatts, Uttar Pradesh is experiencing a power crisis during the current hot and meager monsoon rains. Power outages in rural and urban regions have recently increased during peak hours.

According to officials here on Monday, the state power corporation could only generate and import up to 26000 MW against a peak hour demand of 28000 MW.

According to reports, the power crisis began two days ago when Meja’s 660 MW and Lalitpur’s 660 MW generating units, as well as Anpara’s 500 MW and Harduaganj’s 105 MW producing units, went down.

According to written information published by the energy system, instead of 18 hours of power delivery to rural regions, only 15 hours are now provided.

Similarly, electricity was interrupted for at least one hour during peak hours in Nagar panchayats, tehsils, and the Bundelkhand area.

Awadhesh Kumar Verma, chairman of the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumer Council and a member of the State Advisory Committee, said here on Monday that in this scorching summer, when the humidity is rising, villagers and farmers require more and more electricity; in such a situation, there is a need to increase the availability of electricity in the state.

He stated that Power Corporation Management will have to act on a war footing since coal quality is now unavailable, resulting in a shortage in energy generation.

Verma stated that if the monsoon continues to act in this manner in the following days, the demand for energy in the state would skyrocket, causing the crisis to worsen.