UP govt would take tough measures against encroachers

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Lucknow, 17 Aug: Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, informed participants of his ‘Janata Darshan,’ a public grievance meeting, here on Thursday that strong action will be taken against land and property encroachers in the state.

The chief minister listened to the issues of 220 individuals who came from different areas of the state at the public meeting and told them that the administration is dedicated to tackle their difficulties, according to an official statement released today.

He urged police to treat people’s problems with empathy, assuring swift settlement of their complaints, according to the statement. The chief minister directed officials to punish anyone who unlawfully take lands and possessions and to punish anyone who oppresses others under any circumstances.

“It should be ensured that no goons, mafia, or criminals can illegally occupy the land. In criminal instances, the culprit should be apprehended by filing a FIR, according to the statement.

He also promised to assist people requesting financial assistance from the government for medical facilities. When he handed over their petitions to the officials, he instructed them to submit the cost estimates for their treatment to the government as soon as possible, according to the statement.