UP DGP advises to increase policing patrolling from the position of moon

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Lucknow, 21 August: Uttar Pradesh’s Director General of Police (Acting) Vijay Kumar has told all the police officers how to prevent crime through Hindu Panchang. A video of him is going public on Monday, in which he is advising to increase policing patrolling and vigilance according to the position of the moon.

The Director General of Police believes that crime graphs are seen decreasing and increasing due to the position of the moon.

Director General of Police Vijay Kumar believes that the analysis of incidents in all the districts of the state at the headquarter level shows that the incidence of crime has increased in the dark nights of one week before and one week after ‘Amavasya’ of the Hindu calendar.

In a circular issued by him, it has been said that now Amavasya is going to happen on 14th September and 14th October. Officers should be alert one week before and after this new moon and night patrolling should be increased. The police must know at what time the moon rises and when it sets. When is the dark night? If this is known, then the incidents of theft and dacoity can be prevented through the help of vigilantes.

The DGP further said that effective prevention of crime is one of the topmost priorities of the police. Through strong policing, the people living in the state like to have an environment of security. For this, night patrolling should be done in a better way so that the public can have a sense of confidence in their security.