UP CM Yogi lays groundwork for ethanol factory, says “SP wanted to build abattoir, we established an industry”

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Gorakhpur, 12 Aug: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that investment in Uttar Pradesh was a far cry six years ago. Due to poor law and order, people were afraid to set up industries and do business here. When the entrepreneurs and businessmen themselves were not safe then how would their capital be safe? Forget the notion of investors coming here from outside, the entrepreneurs and businessmen here were also running away.

Yogi said, but, in the last six years, the law and order situation in UP has become an example in the whole country. Every investor wants to come to UP, wants to invest more and more. The investment proposal of Rs 36 lakh crore received at the Global Investors Summit in February is proof of this.

CM Yogi was addressing the gathering here on Saturday after laying the foundation stone of M/s Cayan Distilleries Private Limited’s Ethanol and ENA plant with an investment of Rs 1200 crore in Gida Sector 26.

The Chief Minister said that six years ago, the people of UP faced an identity crisis during the SP-BSP governments. The youth of this place could not find any place to stay in the country. In other states, people did not want to give houses on rent. There was a problem in getting hostel. People of UP were forced to hide their identity in other states.

He said that today there is no identity crisis in front of the youth. CM Yogi proudly calls himself a UP wala.

The Chief Minister said that a target of Rs 10 lakh crore was set for the Global Investors Summit in the month of February, but investment proposals worth Rs 36 lakh crore were received due to increased attraction towards investment in UP. With this investment, one crore youth will get jobs and other associated employment facilities. The youth of UP will not need to go to Mumbai, Punjab, Surat or Bangalore. He will get employment in his own district.

Sahajanwa will be developed as a new center of green energy: CM Yogi said that Sahajanwa will be developed as a new center of green energy with the start of new ethanol plant.

“With the setting up of grain-based ethanol plant, the income of the Annadata farmers will not only increase manifold, but self-sufficiency in the energy and petroleum sector will also increase. Not only this, the money going abroad for petrochemicals will go into the farmers’ pockets. If the farmers are prosperous then the country will be prosperous. Farmers will also earn from waste,” he said.

The SP government wanted to set up a slaughterhouse here: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that 10 years ago, the SP government wanted to set up a slaughterhouse in the Bhiti Rawat of Sahjanwa where the ethanol plant is going to be set up. There was a protest movement and it was stopped. If there was the stigma of a slaughter house imposed by the SP government, no other industry would have been established here.

CM Yogi said that dairy industry is being constructed by CP Milk in Gida, pipe manufacturing industry by Tatva Plastics, bottling plant by Varun Brewery and warehouse by Central Warehousing Corporation. Ankur Udyog’s steel plant has started.

Confluence of investment, employment and development in Sahajanwa and Gida: The Chief Minister said that the confluence of investment, employment and development works is being seen in Sahajanwa and Gida. In Bhiti Rawat alone, the process of industrial development has progressed on 207 acres. Garment Park is also being constructed on 25 acres. There is a lot of demand for garment products in the world and if women are trained and linked to this sector, they can earn an additional income of Rs 10,000 to 15,000 per month while doing household chores.

UP CM Yogi said that 101 plots have been developed for Garment Park. ?Along with this, a flatted factory complex is also being built for the garment sector. A plastic park with 92 units is being developed,? he said.

The Chief Minister informed that the construction of a polytechnic in Bhiti Rawat will also be completed soon. He directed the administration officials to start such trades in this polytechnic which are similar to the industries of Gida.

The Chief Minister asked the Gida administration to pay attention to setting up a skill development center in Gida.

“Youth should be linked with industries through the CM Internship Scheme. In this, during the period of training, half the honorarium will be given by the government and half will be given by the industry,” he claimed.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a jibe at the Congress and Samajwadi Party before mentioning the project being prepared for industrial development in Dakshinanchal.

He said that whenever the Congress and the SP meet, they only do mischief. ?A sugar mill was set up in Dhuriapar with public money, whereas not a single stalk of sugarcane is grown there. That mill did not run even for a day and became useless with the passage of time.

CM Yogi said that the double engine government is going to set up a new industrial town on 8385 acres in Dhuriapar. With this, the youth of Dakshinanchal, who go to countries like Bangkok, Singapore, Laos etc. in search of work, will be able to get employment in their own area.

The Chief Minister informed that single window systems like Nivesh Mitra, Nivesh Sarathi have been implemented for the convenience of the investors. Due to this, there has been freedom from going around the office which often lead to bribery of officials.

The picture of the country changed under the leadership of PM Modi: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the picture of the country has changed in nine years under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The attitude of the people of the world towards India has changed. India is setting new paradigms of development. Today our country has become the fifth largest economy in the world. The country has got the opportunity to lead the G-20 countries, which have the world’s largest economy, military power and research power, in the Amrit year festival of independence. How do we want to build India? Developed Uttar Pradesh will play an important role in developed India. We have to move forward with the resolve to make Uttar Pradesh the growth engine of the country,” he stated.

In his address, CM Yogi also mentioned International Youth Day.

He appealed to the youth to stay away from drugs and wrong company and engage in positive thinking of development and healthy competition.

On this occasion, State Jal Shakti Minister Swatantra Dev Singh, MLA Vipin Singh, MLC Dr. Dharmendra Singh, former MLA Devnarayan alias GM Singh, Ashwini Tripathi, Yudhishthir Singh, Anil Singh, State Bank of India General Manager Anand Vikram Singh, Deputy General Manager Sanjeev Kumar etc. were prominently present.