UP: 6500 people learned Sanskrit speech via online medium in 3 months

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Lucknow, 24 September: Committed to take Sanskrit language to the masses in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has taught simple Sanskrit to more than 6500 people in three months where people could not understand far from reading Sanskrit, at the same time, along with his introduction in Sanskrit, they are also speaking daily useful words in Sanskrit.

Amit Singh of Prayagraj, who joined the class of Sanskrit speech from September, said that this effort of the government is commendable.

He thanked the government for the fact that they have done the work of connecting people with such an innovative scheme.

Similarly, Puneet of Madhya Pradesh told that Sanskrit is our mother tongue and the Yogi government has not only protected the language but also understood the ideals and hard work of our ancestors. He ended his talk and said thank you Yogi Sarkar!

Deepak Kaushik of Lucknow This plan to learn Sanskrit is quite interesting, the way of teaching Sanskrit is really simple.

A spokesman of the state government said that while the missed call scheme of the institute is increasing the interest of the people towards Sanskrit, the enrolment number of Sanskrit learners has increased continuously. A total of 17480 were registered for the first level Sanskrit language teaching in the last three months. Of these, 6434 people were educated through 132 online classes.

Doctors, engineers, businessmen, students or any person in job profession can take free training to speak, read and learn Sanskrit. For this you have to give mobile phone number 9522340003 missed calls. After which an OTP will come on your mobile and then Google Form will have to be filled. In the form, education and other information will have to be filled along with business. According to the business, Sanskrit will be taught in group wise.