Ukrainian plane crashes in Iran, killing all 180 passengers

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Search and rescue operation is underway where the wreckage of crashed airplane has been found

Tehran, January 08: A Ukrainian plane crashes on its flight to Khomeini Airport in Iran on Wednesday. All 180 people aboard this plane have died.

According to local media reports, it is feared that the aircraft has crashed due to technical fault. Besides the passengers in the plane, crew members were also present. Flight number PS 752 was at an altitude of 7900 feet when the accident took place. Civil Aviation spokesman Reza Zafarzade said relief and rescue operations have begun.

The Iranian emergency official said that all the people aboard the plane were killed. Flight data at the airport revealed that Ukraine Airlines’ 737-800 Ukrainian aircraft stopped sending data after takeoff on Wednesday.

The incident occurred hours after Iran fired ballistic missiles at US forces in Iraq. Iran has launched a missile attack on US military bases in Iraq after its Revolutionary Guard General Qasim Suleimani was killed in a US airstrike.