Two people dying every minute from SARS-CoV-02 (Covid-19) in America

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Washington, 12 December: The second wave of the global pandemic Covid-19 has caused an outcry in America, the world’s strongest country.

The deaths of patients infected with this epidemic are increasing steadily. At present, the death of two infected patients is being recorded every minute, whereas more than two lakh people are getting affected every day.

According to data released by the Johns Hopkins University, 3263 infected died on Wednesday, the first day after the outbreak of the epidemic in the US.

So far more than 2 lakh 92 thousand people have lost their lives in the country from SARS-CoV-02, virus causing Covid-19, while the number of infected has reached one crore 55 lakh 99 thousand 122.

According to the data, 35 thousand 183 corona patients have died in New York, USA. 23 thousand 657 have died in Texas; 17-17 thousand have died in California, Florida and New Jersey.

Among them, California, Texas and Florida are the most vulnerable to the epidemic. More than 1.4 million people have been infected in California and Texas while the number of infected in Florida is close to 1.1 million.