The number of followers of PM Modi on Twitter crosses five crores

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account

New Delhi, Sep.09 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very active on social media. Whether it is Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube or Twitter. PM Modi has millions of followers on all social media platforms. At the same time, PM Modi is at number 20 in the list of most followed on Twitter. PM Modi has become the only Indian, who reached the top 20 list of most followers.

On Monday, the number of followers of PM Modi on Twitter has crossed 5 crore. Modi is nearly 1.4 crore behind US President Donald Trump, while former US President Barack Obama is at number one with 10.8 million followers.

Kejriwal is second in the list of 1 crore followers, after PM Modi, in the list of Indian leaders. One crore 54 lakh users follow Kejriwal on Twitter.

At the same time, Home Minister Amit Shah is at number three with one crore 52 lakh followers. His followers are more than 12.5 million. In this list, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is at number five with one crore six lakh followers.

Last year, in an international survey, Modi was among the three biggest leaders of the world. The annual survey was conducted by Gallup International with leaders from 50 countries. Modi was ranked third in the survey. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was first and French President Emmanuel Macron was second. Modi had left behind China’s Xi Jimping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, then British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in the survey.