‘Thank You Mummy and Papa for everything, I apologise…’ In Lucknow, student hangs self, suicide note found

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Lucknow, 10 Aug: A student preparing for a competitive exam committed suicide by hanging himself in his rented Lucknow flat.

Before hanging himself, he texted his mother, writing, “Thank you mummy and papa for everything.” I apologise…” The student formerly resided in a leased residence in Bibidi Thana. Harish Sahni, his father, and Maya Hardoi, his mother, used to work in private employment in Sandila.

The student’s mother stated that she got her son’s WhatsApp message on the day of the event. She tried to contact him after viewing the post and made multiple calls, but there was no answer.

When the family returned home, they discovered that the door had been locked. They called the cops after roughly two hours of failed attempts. Following that, police arrived on the scene and forced through the door, only to discover the student hanging from a noose.

“”Thank you mummy papa for everything,” the student said in his suicide letter. “I apologise…” “An investigation is underway,” stated Sayed Ali Abbas, a senior police official.

Meanwhile, the student’s family claims that if the landlord had answered the door on time, their son may have been rescued.