SP rule was the Kaliyug incarnation of Mahabharata: CM Yogi

Lucknow, 23 October: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has launched a scathing attack on the opposition on Saturday.

He said that the people of the opposition parties are against Lord Ram. Similar Ram traitors have not only hurt the faith, but have also done the work of demolishing the social fabric. By creating a block in the development of Uttar Pradesh, every area of ​​the state was thrown into the fire of riots.

Describing SP, BSP and Congress as anti-Hindu, the Chief Minister said that these parties played with Hindu faith. An attempt was made to influence Ram Setu, the center of Hindu faith, which was prepared by Lord Vishwakarma’s sons Nal and Neel to send Lord Ram to Sri Lanka.

Describing the state government, which was in existence from 2012 to 2017 without taking the name of SP, the Chief Minister said that there used to be riots before during the festival of Hindus. Hindus could not celebrate any of their festivals. Today the state is free from riots. Everyone can celebrate their festival and festival.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while addressing the social representative conference organized by the BJP Backward Front at Panchayat Bhawan in Aliganj on Saturday said that the earlier government considered its family as the state. From the year 2012 to 2017, the entire family including uncle, nephew, maternal grandfather, and maternal uncle was involved in looting. Somebody used to hit someone. All the relationships reminded of Mahabharata. The entire family was the living Kalyug incarnation of Mahabharata.

“There was no such district left under his rule, where riots did not take place. These riots used to take place before the Hindu festivals Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Mahashivratri, Vijayadashami and Ram Navami. Hindus could not celebrate their festival. On the other hand, they shamelessly used to humiliate the people of the state by wearing round caps. Today no one has the courage to disturb any festival,’ added Yogi.

He further said that the SP supported the Congress-led UPA government formed in 2004 with the intention of hurting the Hindu faith by placing a gun on the shoulders of the Congress. SP, BSP and Congress not only insulted Hindu faith, but also disrupted development by tearing the social fabric by pushing their heels to break the 2005 Ram Setu.

Yogi stated that they promoted corruption and anarchy. The youth had an identity crisis. Jobs were not available on the basis of merit. Before the appointment, people used to go out on recovery. Today youth are getting jobs honestly on their merit. Today there is no youth from any section that is not getting the benefits of the schemes of the government. In the four and a half years of the BJP government, 45 lakh houses have been provided to all sections of the society. Earlier governments used to deny it.

“The BJP government has provided automatic employment to 60 lakh people so far through Vishwakarma Shram Samman. Loans and subsidies are being given to the artisans of various trades for their self-employment by giving them training. BJP is giving representation to Vishwakarma society in Parliament including Backward Classes Commission. Today the people of Vishwakarma society are becoming partners in development by becoming District Panchayat President, Block Pramukh, Pradhan,” said CM.

Terming SP, BSP and Congress as anti-Ram and terrorist supporters, Chief Minister Yogi said that they can never be friendly to any society. The country which cannot be benevolent of the state cannot be beneficent of anyone. The more you stay away from them, the more secure you’re present and future will be. Therefore, for the future of the society, the state and the future generations, one has to go from house to house and make aware about the schemes of the government.

On this occasion, MP Ramchandra, Vice President of Backward Morcha Krishna Murari Vishwakarma, Santraj Vishwakarma and others were present.

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