SP neta’s illegal construction demolished

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Lucknow, June 23: A team of the district administration demolished an โ€˜illegalโ€™ part of Career Medical College of Samajwadi Party leader and former minister Mohammad Iqbal on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the college on the land of the irrigation department was demolished and the illegal occupation of government land was evacuated.

According to the officials, the Dental College was built by Iqbal by occupying the government land of the irrigation department.

The Irrigation Department team went to vacate the illegal occupation several times in the past, but faced opposition.

District Magistrate Lucknow and Sadar Tehsildar today took action against the college on illegally occupied land with massive security arrangements after a complaint on the Chief Minister’s portal.

The first main gate was demolished, driving a bulldozer over Career College. After this, the walls were demolished one by one.

However, during this time, the officials of the Anti-Bhumafia cell, the engineers and employees of the Irrigation Department, the team of the district administration were present.

It is noteworthy that the occupation of the canal of the irrigation department, which is situated beside the college, by the owners of Career Dental College, Mohammad Iqbal and Ajmat Ali, was merged within the college. The value of this illegally occupied land is said to be around 3 crores.