Someone may carry out fatal attack against Pak woman, fears UP Police

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Noida, 15 July: Rabupura hamlet is around 50 km from New Delhi, the nation’s capital. This town was relatively unknown until a few weeks ago. A love story between a Pakistani woman and an Indian man, on the other hand, has lifted this town in Greater Noida from the shadows. Seema Haider shares a two-room cottage in this village with her lover, Sachin.

Since their tale first made news, the Pakistani woman who illegally entered India to be with her boyfriend has been the centre of attention. The couple’s home is besieged by a swarm, including members of the media and social media, all hoping to catch a peek of Seema and Sachin. In turn, the crowd has alerted the Uttar Pradesh Police.

A top Uttar Pradesh police officer voiced fear about possible threats on Seema after she mentioned changing from Islam to Hinduism in order to be with Sachin.

A police officer cautioned that a criminal disguised as a member of the crowd or a member of the media may carry out a lethal attack on Seema.

Though there has been no formal request from Seema or Sachin for security measures, the police are constantly monitoring Seema and Sachin’s home, according to the official.

In Rabupura, police personnel in uniform and plain clothes are placed quietly around the residence. Sachin and his family alerted the local police to the possibility of an attack on Seema.

Sachin’s family has begun requesting identity credentials from everyone entering the residence, including media people, as a preventative step. According to reports, the central government is unlikely to return Seema to Pakistan at this time.

The Ministry of External Affairs and the central government will make the final decision on Seema’s future, according to sources.

In light of Seema’s marriage to an Indian, Sachin, and her unlawful immigration into India, sources inside the Uttar Pradesh Police propose the potential of awarding a long-term visa with specific stipulations.

According to reports, if Sachin applies to the government for permission for his wife, Seema, to stay in India, she may be given a long-term visa owing to her status as Sachin’s wife.

In such cases, obtaining Indian citizenship becomes easier after a long-term visa is obtained. However, for this procedure to take place, their marriage must be officially recognised. If their marriage is officially recognised, Sachin, as an Indian spouse, can apply to the competent government for Seema’s Indian citizenship, according to reports.