Some people can not differentiate between ASAT and Theatre sets: PM Modi

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Meerut:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday in his maiden public meeting in Meerut after the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections took a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi that some misunderstood the anti-satellite weapon [ASAT] as sets used in a theatre show.

Speaking at the rally in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Modi without naming anyone said, “Yesterday when I had announced that our scientists have shot down a low orbit satellite by anti-satellite [ASAT] weapon successfully, some people in the opposition misunderstood it with the sets used in a theatre show. We should laugh or cry at such an intelligent people who really don’t know the difference between ASAT and theatre sets”.

Addressing a major election rally, PM Modi paid tribute to the former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh by remembering his remarkable contribution to the nation.

Mr Modi said that he is a chowkidar and he is here in front of you all to give ‘hisaab’ of his works his government did and asks others for their ‘hisaab’ too.

PM disclosed the reason behind choosing the Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh to kick off his election campaign, he said, “I have picked Meerut to commence my election campaign because it was this city from where the first war of Independence had begun with the same feeling of aspiration and strong India that every citizen wants to see today.”

He said his government has worked on the motto of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ and moving ahead to build a ‘Naya Bharat’.

PM listed out the achievements of his government. He said, “His government has doled out 7 crore free gas cylinders to the poor women to save their lives from dangerous gas. My government has implemented one rank one pension [OROP] scheme for soldiers. 34 crore poor people have been benefited from JAN DHAN Yojana.Over 50 crore poor families will be given free healthcare cover of Rs 5 lakh very year.

Attacking on the opposition, PM said, “His government is working day and night to develop the country whereas the opposition has no vision for the country.”

Taking a jibe at the SP-BSP alliance, Mr Modi expressed his concern over the rise of the crime during the SP, BSP rule. He said, “SP-BSP alliance is purely opportunistic. They are together for their development not for the development of the state.”

PM accused the Congress party of mocking at the poor by making false promises. He said,“People who failed to open bank accounts of the poor when they were in power  are planning to deposit money in their accounts.”

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