Shrikant Sharma appeals to consumers, ‘pay electricity bill, will reduce electricity rates in the days to come’

Etawah, June 11: Uttar Pradesh Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma has given strict instructions to the power officers of the state making it clear that the main pillar of the power corporation is the consumer and their harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If any such complaint will come out from anywhere, then action is sure to be taken against the Power Corporation officials.

Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma said this while talking to reporters while inspecting the power station in Saifai village of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav on Friday.

After visiting Purvanchal, the Energy Minister is on a tour of Etawah, Mainpuri and Mathura today and will be visiting Paschimanchal on Saturday.

He said that the roster has been prepared for 18 hours in rural areas and 24 hours in urban areas, there should be no disturbance in it. If a fault occurs, then quickly repair the fault and turn on the power supply. There should be no power cut from sunrise to sunset.

He said that harassment of any electricity consumers would not be tolerated. All the Electricity Officers, employees should receive the phones of the consumers. On receipt of the complaint, the action against the electricity officer will be considered fixed. Electricity officers should talk to consumers without political discrimination.

According to his scheduled program, on Friday afternoon, the Energy Minister reached the Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav’s village to inspect the power station in Saifai.

He first called the Chief of Electricity Department and SE, XEN SDO, JE, Lineman among the public and took information one by one. After that, how much time is being taken to replace the power cut transformer from the people present there and gained information on all these points.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma gave strict instructions to the power officials that there should be no power cut in rural areas from sunrise to sunset.

He said that electricity should be supplied for 24 hours in urban areas, 20 to 22 hours in tehsil area and 18 hours in rural areas, there should be no laxity in this. All the Electricity Officer employees should receive the phones of the consumers. Action will be taken against the electricity officer on receipt of the complaint.

Meanwhile, BJP’s District President Ajay Dhakle, Prashant Rao Choubey, along with their other office bearers, who arrived from the district, gave a written complaint to the Energy Minister regarding the power cut and complained to the Energy Minister of Sadar Power Corporation’s XEN Rahul Babu Katiyar. The minister handed over the investigation of the complaint of XEN Rahul Babu to the MD and said that action will be taken on the basis of the investigation.

He said that our government has not increased any rate for the last 3 years; we are trying to make it cheaper, if all the people participate and pay the bills on time, then we will reduce the electricity rates in the coming time.

He said that the government is determined for uninterrupted supply. However, during the previous government more than 16 thousand MW could not be supplied. Due to high demand, the feeders had to be shut down. Today we are supplying more than 23,000 MW uninterrupted, and ensuring better supply than the previous governments.

He appealed that the consumers should complain on 1912 for redressal of electrical problems. Along with this, the officers were also instructed to resolve the complaints coming on social media on priority.

Speaking on vaccination, the Energy Minister said that together we will defeat Covid-19. Vaccine is the biggest medicine in this global pandemic, but some political parties have joined different parties regarding the vaccine. This is a shameful thing. Insulting scientists are now demanding the same vaccine. Had the confusion not been created, a large number of people would have got the vaccine. We appeal that there should be no politics over the pandemic.

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