Seema, Sachin fall ill after intense grilling by UP cops

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Noida, 22 July: Seema Haider, a Pakistani citizen who entered India illegally with her four children via Nepal to be with her boyfriend, was given medical attention on Saturday morning after falling unwell.

According to reports, her husband Sachin Meena has also been unwell, and a lawyer has arrived at their home in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In 2019, Seema and Sachin met digitally while playing the online shooting game PUBG.

Seema bravely crossed the border into India this year, trekking from Pakistan via Dubai to Nepal. She was eager to create a family with Sachin, who resides in Rabupura. On July 4, Seema Haider was apprehended by local police for unlawfully entering India, while Sachin Meena was detained for harbouring illegal immigrants.

However, on July 7, they were both granted bail by a local court and have been living with her four children in a residence in the Rabupura neighbourhood. Seema Haider is being investigated by the ATS and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) for alleged links to the Pakistan Army and the country’s intelligence organisation, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Seema Haider petitioned President Droupadi Murmu for Indian citizenship on Friday. The plea, filed by Supreme Court lawyer AP Singh, said that she should be permitted to live in her husband’s home.