Priyanka Gandhi Vadra likely to contest 2024 Lok Sabha election, hints hubby

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New Delhi, 13 Aug: Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra, has intimated that his wife, Priyanka Gandhi, the party’s general secretary, may run in the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

Priyanka Gandhi, according to Vadra, would be “very good” in Parliament and that the party will make better arrangements for her. “She should absolutely be in Lok Sabha. She meets all of the standards. She would be an excellent member of Parliament and deserves to be there. I hope Congress accepts her and makes better plans for her,” he remarked.

Priyanka has been involved in Rae Bareli and Amethi for almost two decades, where she has established a party structure. While Rahul Gandhi lost Amethi to Smriti Irani of the BJP, Sonia Gandhi has stayed unbeaten in Rae Bareli.

Vadra also chastised Smriti Irani, the union Minister for Women and Child Development, for associating his name with business mogul Gautam Adani during the Parliamentary discussion on the no-confidence vote. Vadra stated that he avoids politics, but that “I will speak to fight for my name because if there is anything they say, they have to prove it.”

“I challenge them to show me something that I have done with Adani if they are going to take my name and bring my photograph. And if there is any misconduct, I will deal with it; if not, they must apologise and return it,” he stated.

“We have a photo of our own Prime Minister sitting in Adani’s plane. Why shouldn’t we ask questions about it, as Rahul (Gandhi) has? And why aren’t these questions answered?” he asked.