Power workers of Uttar Pradesh with their families stage protest against DHFL fraud case in Lucknow

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Power workers with their families demonstrated against provident fund scam at Rana Pratap Marg in Lucknow

Lucknow, November 14: Power workers of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporations Limited(UPPCL) took to the road on Thursday to protest against the state government and the Power Minister Shrikant Sharma. UPPCL workers have given an ultimatum to the government to decide by November 18 to guarantee PF payment.

Employees, engineers and their families from all over the state on the 10th day at the call of office bearers of Vidyut Karmachari Sayunkt Sangharsh Samiti(VKSSS) have gathered at Hydil field hostel at Rana Pratap Marg demanding the immidiate dismissal Power Minister and UPPCL officials involved in DHFL fraud case.

Everyone started walking in the form of a rally from Hydel Hostel and this rally reached Shakti Bhavan via Sikandarbagh intersection. The angry electric workers shouted slogans at Shakti Bhavan. The rally was followed by two dozen activists including power committee officials Shailendra Dubey, Rajiv Singh, Girish Pandey, Sadruddin Rana, Suhail Abid, Rajpal Singh, Rajendra Ghildiyal, Vinay Shukla, Shashikant Srivastava, Mahendra Rai, VC Upadhyay

During the protest, union members decided that if the demand of the power workers to guarantee the PF payment of power workers was not met, then all the electricity workers and employees of the state Engineer will boycott work for 48 hours on November 18 and 19.

On behalf of the committee, it was warned to the state government that if any employee was harassed due to the peaceful movement, then all the officers and employees of all the power corporations will be forced to leave the work directly without giving any notice, the responsibility of which is the state government. And management. Officials of various employees’ unions also participated in the protest against the state government.