Potholes in roads or roads in potholes in UP- Mayawati

Lucknow, 15 September: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Supremo and former Chief Minister Mayawati jibed at BJP government on Wednesday that the condition of the roads in UP has again become so bad that people are unable to understand whether there is a pothole in the road or a road in the pothole.

Mayawati taunted Yogi Government in a tweet that like law and order and health system in UP, common people’s life is suffering due to the plight of the roads here and the newspapers are filled with news of road accidents and painful deaths due to water filling the pits.

She said that this is very sad and a living proof of the failure of the government. Roads are the basic need of the people particularly related to development. The government is making slogans and claims about them, but the reality is something else.

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