Postal stamp on lord Ram to be issued in Ayodhya

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Lucknow, August 01: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform grand ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya on August 5, on this occasion, he will also issue a postage stamp on Lord Ram.

However, it is also reported that he can also launch the cover page of ‘Ramayana Vishwa Mahakosh’.

If sources are to be believed, with the efforts of the Department of Culture, there is a plan to issue a stamp on Lord Ram on August 5 to make the program of Bhoomi Pujan unforgettable. It will be unveiled by Prime Minister Modi.

Sources revealed that on this special occasion, UP’s Culture Department is also preparing to release the cover page of Ramayana Vishwa Mahakosh (Encyclopaedia) by the Prime Minister. The ‘logo’ of this Mahakosh is based on artwork related to the first verse of the Ramayana inscribed on the main gate of a tenth-century temple in Cambodia.

In fact, Ramayana Vishwa Mahakosh is being prepared by the Ayodhya Research Institute (ARI), run under the culture department of the state. The first and second sections of this Mahakosh divided into various sections will be based on Ayodhya itself. The first section will cover the history, archeology and cultural, religious and literary references of Ayodhya.

On the other hand, in the second section, the details of the kings of Ayodhya will be covered.

According to Director of ARI Yogendra Pratap Singh, Lord Ram’s globalism is with authenticity all over the world. Cultural Rama or culture of Rama is so wide and varied that only a handful of it has come to light. If the whole world is presented as a unit, then special stages and areas related to Lord Ram are found.

“The countries of South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Caribbean countries in the West Indies, Suriname and Mauritius have many episodes related to Ramayana and its hero lord Ram,” added Singh.

Director ARI told further, apart from this, in many countries of the world including Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Europe, Belgium and Honduras of Central America, the composite form of the carrier of the Indian Culture lord Ram is seen.

He said that the scholars are of the opinion that there are an infinite number of evidences of the cultural diversity of lord Ram, which has immense possibilities of investigation. In such a situation, the ARI is in the process of publishing Ramayana Vishwa Mahakosh. This work will provide a beautiful opportunity to connect India’s foreign politics and economy with the world.