PM Modi’s visit to Gorakhpur: Geeta Press, Railway station to be under SPG security

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Delhi, July 6: Security has been beefed up for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Gorakhpur on Friday. The security system will be so tight that even Parinda will not be able to kill anyone.

All the programmes to be held at Geeta Press and platform number one of the railway station will be under the security cover of the SPG (Special Protection Group).

Including 250 houses around Geetapress in the safe zone, bricks and stones have been removed from their roofs. Snipers will be deployed there. The entry of outsiders into Gita Press has been completely banned.

Apart from this, eight SPs, 11 additional SPs, 22 COs, 40 inspectors, 190 inspectors, 1500 constables, three company PACs, three company paramilitary forces, four ATS personnel, and NSG snipers have been deployed to strengthen the security system. The eyes of these people will be on the programme venue as well as on every nook and cranny of the route.

The RPF will protect the Vande Bharat train at the railway station. Apart from this, five ASPs of GRP, 50 constables, and 300 constables will also be deployed.

SPG officials from Delhi had inspected both venues on Monday itself. After seeing and understanding everything, he took command of the security arrangements the programme placed in his hands. Four jawans in two NSG teams will be posted as snipers on the buildings closest to Geeta Press.

In a way, the SPG team has taken over the command of the preparations at Geeta Press. Anti-drone systems have also been installed for security around Geeta Press. Vigilance is being judged by the police even today. Security is being reviewed on the rooftops by flying drones.