PM Modi interacts with 6 health workers in Varanasi, says scientists work hard to develop vaccine

Varanasi, 22 January: Amidst the Corona vaccination campaign being run across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday encouraged three health workers in three constituencies of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi by virtual interaction with them. In the midst of the service and struggle of the front line workers, the Prime Minister named the modern sage to all the health workers where he raised their value.

While praising the hard work of the scientists behind developing the Covid vaccine, he appreciated their hard work.

The Prime Minister said that the largest vaccination program in the world is underway in our country. Today, the nation has the will to manufacture its own vaccines – not one but two ‘Made in India’ vaccines are available. Vaccines are reaching every corner of the country today. India is completely self-sufficient in this matter.

He said that as a servant of Kashi, we would like 100 percent people of Kashi to be given corona vaccine at the earliest. At the same time, 2021 has started with very good resolutions. It is said of Kashi that here auspiciousness turns into Siddhi. The result of this accomplishment is that today the world’s largest vaccination campaign is going on in our country.

He said that the hard work of our scientists is behind making any vaccine, there is a scientific process in it. Making a decision about a vaccine is not political; we had decided that we will do as scientists say. After a thorough investigation and with the approval of the scientists, the work of vaccine has been started and it was decided to first vaccinate the health workers.

The Prime Minister said that in the first phase, more than 20,000 health professionals will be vaccinated in Varanasi. It has 15 immunization centers.

He thanked all the doctors, nurses and medical staff for this entire campaign. He said that today the world’s largest vaccination program is going on in the world. In its first two phases, 300 million countrymen are being vaccinated. Today there is such will in the country that the country is making its own vaccine

The Prime Minister, while communicating with the doctors and health workers, said that at such a time you should have been among them, but there have been some circumstances that have to be met virtually. It is said that this program has been organized to take stock of the preparedness of the corona virus and the preparations for the implementation.

He said that whatever we can do for people in Kashi is a matter of good fortune for us. The entire infrastructure of Varanasi has changed in the last six years and the entire Purvanchal is benefiting from it.

Prime Minister interacted with these Corona warriors

The Prime Minister congratulated the entire health workers while talking to the Pushp Devi, Matron of the State Women’s Hospital. Responding to the question of how she is feeling after being vaccinated, Pushpa Devi said that she felt completely safe after being given Corona vaccine.

Pushpa Devi said that like other injections, it is also a vaccine. Appealing to the people, she said that people should take and keep themselves and their families safe.

Describing her own experience, she told the Prime Minister that she did not have any problem with the vaccination.

Pushpa Devi especially thanked the Prime Minister and told her that the Corona vaccine has been provided by her within just nine months. She said that fear has to be removed from your mind and vaccine is to be applied.

The Prime Minister said that scientists have played a crucial role in making the vaccine timely. In everyday life, the doctors and paramedical people who are most familiar with Corona, decided to get them vaccinated first so that the whole society remains healthy.

While speaking to ANM Rani Kunwar Srivastava of Shivprasad Gupta Divisional Hospital, the Prime Minister said that you are the first doctor and health worker entitled to the first dose of vaccine. The work done by health workers and scientists in an atmosphere of uncertainty is admirable and praiseworthy.

The Prime Minister said that Corona was an unknown enemy. The credit of making vaccines by the scientists of India in such a short time also goes to scientists and health workers, due to the infection and prevention and exacerbation of corona patients by the service health workers.

While communicating with Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, Chief Medical Superintendent of State Hospital, Dr B. Shukla, the Prime Minister asked that our Kashivasi is safe and happy.

While answering the Prime Minister’s question, Dr Shukla said that despite being a developing country, India has also gone ahead in the field of corona vaccine compared to developed countries.

He said that the vaccine is completely safe. The Prime Minister specially stressed that the campaign of cleanliness, toilets, water etc. was being carried out by the Government of India, the benefit of the poor including the poor got in the call of Corona.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s question about how common people believe in the corona vaccine, Dr B. Shukla said that all people are satisfied and there is no fear of any kind.

The Prime Minister said that the message of the people associated with the medical profession communicates positiveness to the people.

Dr Shukla said that till yesterday there was vaccination of 10 lakh people in the country and 10 lakh people are safe by getting vaccinated.

The Prime Minister appealed to Dr Shukla to conduct competition for the first phase corona vaccination so that all the frontline workers can be vaccinated as soon as possible. After this, in the second phase, vaccination of people above 50 years of age will be done.

While interacting with Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay State Hospital’s Lab Technician Ramesh Chandra Rai, the Prime Minister congratulated the entire team. Talking to ANM chain Chauhan of Community Health Center at Sevapuri Hathi Bazar, the Prime Minister thanked him for getting himself a Corona vaccine and putting people in it and said that by serving people in Sevapuri, they are making Sevapuri’s name meaningful and their entire She is also illuminating the family’s name.

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