PM Modi explains why 102nd ‘Mann Ki Baat’ held early

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New Delhi, June 18: PM Narendra Modi stated that the 102nd episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was preponed by one week owing to his upcoming trip to the United States. “This time, #MannKiBaat is taking place a week in advance, and I’ll be in America the next week. I felt it would be a good idea to chat with you before I left. What could be better than people’s blessings to give me energy?” remarked PM Modi.

“Normally, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is delivered on the last Sunday of each month, however this time it is delivered a week sooner. As you are all aware, I will be in America next week, and my itinerary there will be extremely packed to capacity, so I thought what could be better than asking for the blessings of the people before I leave”

During his speech, the Prime Minister stated that India’s disaster management strength has become an example today. “I am confident that the people of Kutch, who faced earthquake disaster decades ago, will recover from Cyclone Biparjoy. We should turn to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for management. His administration and managerial abilities, notably in water management and the Navy, are still the pride of India,? he opined.

“I am pleased that many sarpanchs around the nation, including village heads, have taken the initiative to eradicate tuberculosis from their villages. Shriman Dikar Singh Mewari, a Nikshay friend from a Nainital village, has adopted six tuberculosis patients. Similarly, Shriman Gyan Singh, the head of a Kinnaur village panchayat and a Nikshay Mitra, is involved in providing all required assistance to TB patients in his block. Today, India, with lofty intentions, faces a massive problem. The problem is tuberculosis, sometimes known as TB. India has vowed to eradicate tuberculosis by 2025. The objective is unquestionably ambitious. The major strength of the TB Free India campaign is public engagement,” he claimed.