Petition filed in Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi case, hearing on December 22

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Mathura, 15 December: One petition after another is being filed in the court for full ownership of Shri Krishna’s birthplace.

On Tuesday, the Lucknow lawyer pleaded in the court of the Civil Judge Senior Division to remove the encroachment on the land of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, claiming to be a descendant of Lord Krishna and also make him a party to the petitions already made in the matter.

On this afternoon, after two o’clock on Tuesday, four member advocates reserved the decision after hearing the debate in the case.

Manish Yadav has filed a petition of 29 hundred pages in the court. The next hearing in this case will be held on December 22.

Advocate Pankaj Joshi filed the petition in Mathura Senior Division Judge Court, stating that Lucknow resident Manish Yadav was a descendant of Lord Krishna.

On Tuesday afternoon, four member advocates debated in the ADJ court in the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi case on the new petition. After an hour of debate in the court, the senior division judge reserved the verdict.

In this petition, Sunni Waqf Board, Shahi Idgah Committee, Sri Krishna Janmasthan Seva Sansthan and Sri Krishna Seva Trust have been made party.

Petition file advocate Shailendra Singh said that the petition has been filed by Manish Yadav, a descendant of Lord Krishna, seeking the ownership of Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi and encroachment of the premises.

โ€œThis was debated in the court, after which the senior division judge reserved the verdict. He said that our only demand is that the encroachment in the premises, which the ancestors have made a mistake, should be amended so that the mistake is not made again,โ€ Singh told.

He said that the encroachment should be removed at the behest of the court.

So far nine petition files

Shri Krishna devotee Ajay Goel, Virender Agarwal, Dr Keshavacharya, Vijendra Poia and Yogesh Upadhyay Abha have petitioned the court for the demand to make Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi title and the premises mosque free, while Shri Krishna In the Janmabhoomi case, four parties have already submitted their application to the All India Hindu Mahasabha, the Tirtha Purohit Mahasabha, Chaturveda Council and Ranjana Agnihotri.