People advocating for refugees rights in the world are opposing it in India, says PM Modi today

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New Delhi, March 06: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the critics of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), saying that those people raising voice for refugee rights around the world are opposing the law which is meant to provide citizenship to refugees in India.

Amidst protests and violence in the country over the citizenship law, Prime Minister Modi said these things at a business conference organized by a media group on Friday.

The Prime Minister said that there is a section of intellectuals and social workers in the country, they say something and do something else.

Through a Chaupai of Ramcharitmanas, PM explained that “ पर उपदेश कुशल बहुतेरे” (it is easy to preach to other) applies to such people.

Modi said that there is a section of people which advise others of gender equality on the one hand, while these are same people opposing the law made to end triple talaq.

“People advocating of refugee rights in the world are opposing it in India. On the other hand, they call to save the Constitution but when we abolished the temporary law of Article 370 and 35A, same people started protesting against the move of my government to fully implement the Constitution of India in Jammu and Kashmir,” Modi added.

Without naming any party or person, the Prime Minister said that these people have become accustomed to living in the status quo. They hate change. They do things right but when a person starts doing the right thing then they get in trouble.

Referring to the slowdown in the world economy, Modi expressed satisfaction that it has had the least impact in India.

“The reason for this is that the foundation of the Indian economy is very strong. India is an attractive investment destination, where investors get substantial returns. Through this economic benefit, he is again encouraged to invest more in the country,” PM explained.

Modi added further that there has been such an experience in which the private sector is allowed to compete, it moves fast. In such a situation, his government is opening more and more sectors of the economy to the private sector.

Terming COVID-19 or novel corona virus disease as a major challenge for the world, the Prime Minister said that new challenges emerge in every era. This strengthens us to create something together.