Parliament approves bill to limit SPG security to Prime Minister only

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New Delhi, 03 December: Amendment Bill-2019 got approval of the Parliament to restrict the security cover of the country’s Special Protection Service Special Protection Group (SPG) to the Prime Minister and his family members only. Congress members protesting the removal of SPG cover to Sonia Gandhi and her family members walked out of the House during this period. The bill, already passed in the Lok Sabha, was introduced in the Rajya Sabha today. After the passage of this bill after discussion, it got the approval of the Parliament.

On Tuesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the bill in the Rajya Sabha. Responding to the discussion on the bill, Shah said that not everyone can be given security like the Prime Minister. Responding to the questions of Congress members regarding the removal of SPG from the security of Gandhi family, he said that the government has to worry not only of Gandhi family but also 130 crore citizens of the country. He said that the amendment has not been done keeping the Gandhi family in mind. Security from the Gandhi family has been removed after thorough investigation into the threat posed to them. Shah said that this is the fifth amendment in this law. He definitely said that the last four amendments were made keeping in mind only one family.

Amit Shah, while replying to the parties opposing the amendment bill, said that if democracy is there, the law should be same for everyone. He said that we are opposed to familyism, not family and will remain in the chest for as long as possible.

Replying to the discussion on the bill amidst intense opposition from Congress members, Home Minister Shah said that the government has not reduced anyone’s security. In fact, security has been increased. He asked the Congress members why you need SPG protection. The Home Minister said that the government is providing security to the leaders of all political parties but no political leader can expect it to be provided security like the Prime Minister of the country.

This bill amending the SPG Act provides that this protection will be provided only to the Prime Minister and his immediate family members living with him at his official residence. The bill also provides that this security will be provided for the next five years to the Prime Minister who is relieved of work and the immediate family members who live with him at the government accommodation allotted to him.

As per earlier arrangements, Sonia Gandhi her son Rahul Gandhi and her daughter Sonia Gandhi had SPG protection. After the removal of SPG, these people are now under the protection of Z Plus.