Pakistan deploys fighter jets near the border of Ladakh

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New Delhi, Aug.12 : Tensions have continued in India and Pakistan since the abolition of Article 370 , which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, there are reports that the Pakistan Army is moving its weapons and equipment to its military bases near the border of Ladakh . According to reports, these military equipment may be the support equipment of Pakistan’s fighter aircraft. Pakistan has used its C-130 aircraft to carry these equipment.

Government sources told that, 3 C-130 aircraft of Pakistan Air Force arrived at Skardu airbase located right in front of Ladakh Union Territory carrying some equipment. Indian agencies are closely monitoring Pakistan’s activities around the border. It is believed that the Pakistani Air Force can deploy its JF-17 fighter planes near Skardu airfield.

Indian intelligence agencies along with the Air Force and Army are closely monitoring the movements of the Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan is using an older version of the C-130 cargo plane to carry and transport goods. America had given this aircraft to Pakistan many years ago.The military ruler of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq also died in August 1988 while flying in a C-130 aircraft. At that time a bomb exploded in the plane.

Sources said that the Pakistan Air Force wants to conduct a military exercise and all this exercise may also be part of it. The Skardu is a forward operating base and Pakistan Air Force uses it to support its military activities along the Indian border.