PAK journalists lambasted Imran on the appeal of demonstration, says- first take care of your home

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Islamabad, Aug 30 : Imran Khan has appealed on twitter to the people of his country to come out in support of kashmiris every Friday afternoon from 12 to 12.30 to show unity.

This appeal of Imran is being criticized, only Pakistani journalists are busy showing Imran a mirror. Many journalists have written that Imran Khan should first see what he is doing in his country.Many Pakistani journalists are constantly mocking, or criticizing, this appeal on social media. Nayala Inayat, who often writes on these issues on Twitter, also wrote, ‘Breaking !! Pakistan will stop the air and water coming from India between 12 and 12.30.

Not only this, even after repeating the slogan of ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ by the successive Pakistani leaders, he took a strong note and wrote that Pakistan was not always like this, we have seen good days too. Even in 1962, we were trying to win Kashmir.

Apart from him, Aima Khosa wrote that Prime Minister Imran Khan feels that he is connecting people with such an appeal and trying to hide the fascist oppression in his own power.Pakistani-origin journalist Taha Siddiqui lashed out at Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa for writing that General Bajwa should be sent to the LoC for jihad. If he wins, Kashmir will be free and if he loses, Pakistan will be free.

Even before this, Pakistani journalists have questioned many decisions of Imran Khan. Then whether to keep the airspace closed, diplomatic relations have to be closed. While addressing the people of Pakistan, Imran Khan appealed that we have to show that we are with the people of Kashmir, then the world will listen to us.