Order to auto drivers in Millennium City … get the Fair Meter installed within a week, or face the music

Gurugram, 17 February :  Gurugram auto drivers have to install taxi fair meters (TFM) in a week. Auto drivers who have not installed these meters, get it installed asap and if they do not do so, they will have to face the music under Motor Vehicles Rules-1989. These orders have been issued by the Regional Traffic Authority on Monday.

It is mandatory to install TFM for auto rickshaw operators ferrying in the limits of Gurugram Municipal Corporation areas (outside the Municipal Corporation area and 5 km municipal corporation area). These registered auto rickshaw drivers can only collect the fare determined by the Transport Department. For the first one kilometer (when the meter is down), Rs 12 per km has been fixed and then Rs 8 per km.

Similarly, the nightly fee will be 25 per cent of the fare between 11 am and 5 am. The waiting fee is fixed at Rs 30 per hour or part thereof (for a minimum stay of 15 minutes).

According to Regional Traffic Authority secretary and additional deputy commissioner Prashant Panwar, auto rickshaws can charge seven and a half rupees more than the prescribed allowance for extra luggage. No additional funds will be charged for shopping bags or small suitcases.

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