Noida Authority issues notices to 31 restaurants, hotels for violating waste management norms

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Noida, 22 February: Thirty-one business establishments in Noida, including several well-known restaurant brands, have been slapped with warnings for illegal trash disposal and are being ordered to remedy the problem within 15 days, officials said on Thursday.

After an investigation in several parts of Noida on February 20, it was found that numerous restaurants, hotels, and commercial institutions are releasing greasy waste water from their kitchens directly into sewage lines or drains without treatment, according to the local administration.

“Due to discharge, there is a risk of sewage line and drain clogging. We are always receiving complaints. Therefore, greasy waste should never be released directly into the sewer or drain, but only after treating the waste water through the ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and Grease Trap,” the Noida Authority said in a statement.

Offenders have been instructed to place treated waste in the main trunk sewer line, as well as to install grease traps in the kitchen, to address the issue of sewer or drain overflow, according to the authority.

In light of the situation, it was directed that all operating restaurants, hotels, and commercial institutions dispose of the aforementioned problem via ETP and Grease Trap within the next 15 days, or else action will be taken against all in accordance with the rules and a heavy penalty will be imposed, for which the institutions will be held accountable, it added.