New rule in Supreme Court, now single bench will hear some cases

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New Delhi, Sept.20 : After increasing the number of judges and courts, a new rule has been implemented in the Supreme Court. Now a single bench will be formed in the Supreme Court. The bench of single judge will hear the petition on bail, anticipatory bail and transfer of the case. Till now there was no provision of single judge bench in the Supreme Court. There has been a division bench i.e. a bench, but now a new system has been implemented.

The new system has been made to increase the speed of work in the Supreme Court. According to the report, the Supreme Court has implemented this system for the first time. The Supreme Court will hear petitions like bail, transfer petition of criminal cases.

Experts who monitor the functioning of the Supreme Court said that the settlement of cases will be done soon with this system. Till now there are at least two judges in the Supreme Court bench, but now a bench can be formed from even one judge. These single bench of Supreme Court will be constituted by the Chief Justice.These single benches will be able to hear those petitions related to bail and anticipatory bail, which has a provision of punishment of not less than 7 years.